To Build or Buy

Hours: 0 I’ve been thinking about this some, and I really need to have a heart to heart with myself about the concept of having somebody else put their time and labor into the building of the parts for this plane. At the same time, I like the idea of building it myself, as I […]

Waiting for tools

Hours: 0 Man, after this corona virus thing became a thing, shipping has gotten a bit unreliable. With that said, I’m waiting on a rebuilt rivet gun from an avionics company based in Texas. Much research is being put into the right tools for the job, and spending a bit more hopefully will save some […]

The Build Begins!

Hours: 0 Ever since I was very little I would have dreams where I could fly. I was always in control; jumping from tall buildings, a canyon edge, an airplane. The world is supported by my wings. I’ve wanted to recreate this feeling, and besides jumping out of a plane fully awake, it’s not really […]