Other Artists Work

Below is a list of others build blogs that demonstrate it really is possible to build one of these fantastic machines. The work that these people have done inspire me and give me hope that one day I too can train sheets of aluminum to fly.

  • Steve Adkins
    A fantastic list of pictures with descriptions of what the part you are working on should look like when you are done.
  • Charle’s and Rick’s Ultracruiser
    Why build One when you can build Two! Well organized with great descriptions on steps, with a little chuckle thrown in. Note: If you are paying attention, you will learn what steps ended up working properly, and that is great information to have.
  • UC Dave (From homebuiltairplanes.com forum post)
    Good pictures that show some UC blanks, the initial setup, and insight about steps and gotcha’s. I highly recommend signing up on this forum, its got a ton of knowledgeable people contributing.