Tips and Tricks


  • If you purchased Hummel’s Rivets/nuts/bolts (hardware) kit, make sure to get them out of their original packaging into Sealed and LABELED containers that stack nicely where you can see the labels.
  • Dedicate a place for Tools and another for hardware. Opposite side of the room is best.
  • Oftentimes, the plans have you skip certain rivets until another part is in place. Get a red permanent marker and mark those holes.
  • Sticky Notes can remind you about what you need to do on parts that are sitting on a shelf for a month. Put parts that have sticky notes on them together and treat them like a task list.


  • Check out your local lending library for tools, you may be surprised what is available!
  • A good apron can save your life. Too many pockets will just confuse you though.
  • I’m experimenting with a cloth rivet template that can be taped to the sheeting temporarily for marking holes.