A plane wont build itself! These are the tools, their status and an approximate price should you want to go buy them. Ill update with links, but they may not stay current.

Estimated CostStatusNotesLink
Cleco kit175.00In StockSizes: Amazon
Band Saw350.00Need
Tin Snips0.00In Stock
Air Rivet Puller178.00In StockAmazon
Air Rivet Gun175.76In StockAmazon
Drill0.00In StockA good one will make your life so much easier.
Hacksaw0.00In Stock
deburring tool17.00In Stock
4ft Brake180.00NeedMight make thisHow to Make a Metal Break
8ft Brake???NeedWill probably make this, they get very expensive
hole finder set (Aka Strap Duplicator)40.00In StockAmazon
Dead Blow Mallet16.00In StockAmazon
hydraulic press0.00In Stock